Nefful’s negative ion clothing and bedding’s ability to generate negative ions NEVER expires, as long as the fiber is washed and cared for properly. Heat in the form of hot water (<140℉), dryer, or ironing are the enemies of Neoron, the negative ion fiber. It is important to protect your product investment by making sure your washer works well and large enough to accommodate your blanket.

You DO have a negative ion blanket right?

I purchased a 5.2 cubic feet mega washer/dryer with a pedestal washer a few months ago (see picture) and they have saved me so much time. One question I get a lot from customers is whether their blanket will fit in their washer. A duvet blanket cover (BI031) should fit a standard size washer but the heavier wavy blanket (BI012) will be a challenge.

With extra large capacity washer, you can not only wash the larger blanket with spaces to spare, but also do a larger Nefful laundry loads instead of multiple small loads. The little pedestal washer is great for small loads during the week if you run out of your rotation of a specific clothing. I do two loads once a week for the entire family easily. The remaining time needed to hang them dry is well worth it because not only will the products keep my family healthy, but hang dry clothing helps them last longer, and is good for the environment by being energy efficient!

Here’s a good article on sizes of washers and recommended capacity (by the pounds)

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