Negative Ions - Are you taking enough of this "Air" vitamin to stay healthy?


After 39 years of pain and discomfort–sometimes debilitating–I experienced an immediate cessation of pain, and there have been steady improvements in other areas such as blood circulation and lack of swelling in my right leg. I can only say that the absence of pain has brightened my outlook on life. Before, I would have almost welcomed death rather than live a life with so little quality and enjoyment. That has now changed.”-Don H. (a Vietnam war veteran with injury to right leg since 1971)

I had a surgery on my hand where they cut me from the middle of my palm to the joint of my finger. My hand was swollen, ice cold, and I couldn't move it. I came to a seminar and they wrapped my hand in a scarf. By the end of the seminar, I was open to open my hand. It was a miracle. I also have a lot of pain on my neck, arm and shoulder because I had been in three car accidents. I started wear various negative ion clothing, neck warmer, and wrist support. I no longer have pains in my arms. - Gail

My girlfriend had to take about 800 mg of Motrin every time she goes through her menstrual cycle. I suggested that she wear the wristbands and put the sample blanket square on her stomach. She was skeptical but gave it a try. Well, it is consistent now, that whenever she put the wristband and blanket square on, she would have no pain and would not need to take Motrin. She is a believer now. As for me, I definitely sleep deeper with the blanket. - Brian M. (businessman whose girlfriend is a nurse)

I had a very low quality of life before trying on the full set of the negative ion clothing and bedding. My blood pressure was high and I pass out easily if I am in the sun too long. I sometimes would pass out, vomit, or have diarrhea from the heat. It gets so bad sometimes that I can't leave my house. After using the products, I am now much better and I go out almost every single day. Also, I used to get very angry scars, red and swollen, when I have surgery. After using the products and the most recent time that I had a surgery, I virtually had to swelling or bruising. My surgeon was surprised at the results. - Debbie A. (a retiree)

I have arthritis in my hands from cleaning teeth as a dental hygienist for 26 years. Being in the same position all the time, it takes a toll on the hand, the neck, and the shoulders. I was very skeptical about this product in the beginning. I mean, how could something so non-invasive be healthy. I tried the wrist band and in about 24 hours, my pain was relieved. Same thing with using the neck warmer for my sore neck. My shoulder pain took about two weeks to get better. This product is truly amazing. - Susan A. (a dental hygienist)

Happy Easter!

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.” – S.D. Gordon Happy Easter! Whether we celebrate this day or not, to me, it is a highly symbolic day of re-birth or revival. I come across countless testimonials in the negative ion health world and a common theme is that this unique product gave…
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How are these two images of red blood cells different?

Can you tell how these two images are different? If you noticed that the red blood cells in the top image are sticking together whereas they are separate and distinct in the bottom image, you are correct! When these red blood cells stick together, they have less surface areas to carry oxygen. When they are…
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Is Your Washer Protecting Your Investment in Negative Ion Clothing & Bedding?

Nefful’s negative ion clothing and bedding’s ability to generate negative ions NEVER expires, as long as the fiber is washed and cared for properly. Heat in the form of hot water (<140℉), dryer, or ironing are the enemies of Neoron, the negative ion fiber. It is important to protect your product investment by making sure…
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Santa Ana wind, the “devil’s wind”, wreaks havoc in my city

I have been living in Southern California for almost 20 years and knows the drill when the wind picks up. The air becomes extremely dry, causing my nose to run, and skin to start itching. As the wind gathers strength, our bamboo plants and trees start to rustle strongly and flower pots often fall to…
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Fashion Show Q3/2020

Our greater CSM Team based in Asia produces a fashion show designed and modeled by top leaders of the team. I am always amazed at the creativity in taking items in the catalog, mostly undergarments, and re-design/re-purpose them into very trendy styles. The inset photos within each photo show the catalog items converted into these…
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Portable Negative Ion Air Purifier Disappoints

I recently came across portable negative ion air purifier that you can simply wear around your neck. A model I looked at demonstrated, in their promotion video with an air ion counter, that it can produce an average of 10 – 18 million negative ions per cubic centimeter. I came up with the following pros…
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