Dr. Oz recommends negative ions for bad moods!

Even Dr. Oz recognizes the benefits of negative ions! Here’s what he says regarding the benefits of negative ions and why we need it.

“Foolproof Fix #1: Negative Ion Generator

The first secret to elevating your mood is as simple and cheap as plugging in your toaster. In this case, it’s not a toaster but a device called a negative ion generator. Your body’s cells naturally contain a negative charge. Meanwhile, irritating elements in the environment – dust, microbes, and pet dander, for example – tend to have a positive charge. Like a magnet, opposites attract, and your body literally pulls these irritating elements in toward itself, causing harm. Additionally, some researchers believe it’s not only the positively-charged dander and dust that are harmful, but the positive ions themselves that damage the body. And here’s the potentially scary thing: Common household and workplace objects like cell phones and computers constantly emit positive ions.

 A negative ion generator creates a “shield” of negative ions around you, deflecting those potentially harmful positive ions away from you. In a 2006 study of patients affected with seasonal depression, nearly half experienced significant relief of symptoms when treated with ion therapy. Best of all, you can purchase a negative ion generator for around $20 online or in a home improvement store. Simply plug it in your car, near your computer, or while you sleep, and shield yourself from positive ions.”


Here’s another option for you beside the plug in “electrical” model.

If you can get the negative ions, in a significant amount, simply through clothing your wear or bedding you sleep in, would you consider it?

Better yet, it requires no electricity to charge it up and all you need to do is make sure you wash it clean and it will generate negative ions, FOREVER!

Yes, it will cost you more than $20 but you will get back your return on investment with better health, better quality of life, AND saving money on medical care at least several times over.

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